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About Us

Hobby to Business

It all started back in September 2014. We had a bumper crop of apples from our three trees in our garden at Roselea. There was so much apples excess to what we needed for eating and cooking, we decided to try our hand at making cider. It turned out well, so the following year we invited our family & friends, who had excess apples in their gardens, to come and join us in making cider. Thus, the idea of making a community cider was born!

Community Cider

Since 2014, we have continued each year to expand production. We invite anyone from the North East area of Scotland to donate their excess apples in return for a bottle of cider or juice per 10 kg of fruit given. Our product is made by volunteers who help with chopping, milling, and pressing the fruit, and bottling and labelling the cider and juice.

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Not-For-Profit Business

We are a not-for-profit organisation selling in and around Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Why? Because we want to donate to and collaborate with local businesses, contributing to projects in our local area, as well as encouraging people to visit the beautiful town of Huntly and the  surrounding area.  

Huntly Castle

Meet The Team

Bryan Morrison

Managing Director

Linda Morrison

Marketing Director

Yvonne Grant

Technical Director

Our Aim

  • To donate to and support local projects.

  • To use fresh locally grown produce.

  • To encourage buying local.

  • To showcase Scottish products.

  • To reduce the environmental footprint.

  • To support the food and drink. industry as it is central to the future of Scotland’s economy and environment and reaches into all parts of our communities.

  • To collaborate with  local growers and farmers markets.

  • To reduce waste and increase sustainability.

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