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Labelling bottles, it's therapeutic really.

Labelling bottles is truly a relaxing time and you are helping out in the community at the same time! Honestly there's nothing to it. We sit and chat whilst sticking on the labels using a very simple jig.  Relax, unwind and help out. Perfect.


Fabulous Fun Fruit Pressing 2022

We couldn't do what we do without our amazing volunteers! Thank you all!!

 Can you help? 

We need volunteers to help with many of our processes.
Can you spare some time to lend a helping hand?

In the Autumn we need help to:

  • collect and pick fruit

  • prepare equipment

  • wash and chop fruit

  • mill and press the fruit

  • clean equipment

In the Spring we need help to:

  • wash and sterilise the recycled bottles

  • bottle the cider

  • label the bottles

We look forward to hearing from you 

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